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When Things Aren't Working

Has anyone else noticed how intense the energy has been lately? Of course you have! Many people see it as troubling times but I see it as an opportunity to break away from the old. With my energy I know that once the energy rises to a certain level, the old ways can't hold on any longer. I get pulled into new energies quickly.

Yet sometimes it's a rocky ride. Why is that? Don't we want to shed the old energies? Well... yes.... and no. Sometimes we say we want to get rid of things but we really don't. Why is that? Many reasons including:

1. It's comfortable and has been such a big part of our lives we can't see ourselves without it.

What would your life be like without it? Take some time and look at that. Create a life as if it never happened/didn't exist. What does that look like or feel like?

2. It serves a purpose. What does it prevent your from doing? Where does it take up your time? What are your unable to look at because of this?

3. Your energy may not be strong enough to let it go. It's very easy for our energy to get very dirty and toxic. What do you do to clean/clear your energy? What new methods or rituals could you put in place to keep your energy clean?

Give yourself permission to look at all issues honestly, truthfully and completely. It always pays off in the long run!

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