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The CandleMagician Events

CandleMagician Events:

Are you looking for more energy? Different energy tools? A new way of looking at things?


Each candle event has a topic which features the clearing magic of burning candles, essential oils, water bowls, flowers, stones and other wonderful tools. During the events, we move energy to be able to have more positive energy, clarity and co-creation capabilities.

During the 3 or 5 day event (they vary due to topic), videos are posted on the site. Participants can watch the videos over and over if desired.

Now... one doesn't have to watch the videos to get the energy. Once someone signs up, they will be able to feel the energy. It's up to the individual. 

Participants often:

Get awarenesses about issues that aren't part of the event (don't you love how energy works?)

Feel energy move even though no videos are ever watched

Get peace and tranquility and know they can deal with life

Report that the effects continue long after the event is done


Fertility Candle Event
Saturday, May 1,2021 - Tuesday May 5,2021
Do you want to become a mother but haven't been able to yet? This event seeks to remove energy blockages, allow for more success, achieve clarity and many other things. As always, we go by group energies so more will be added. I've found that many women hold traumas and old programming that blocks their conception abilities.
It is scheduled before the Mother's Day Candle Event to add for greater energy to be received. The 1-day overlap is designed to get more mother energy into participants!
As always. the event is online and all videos are available to watch on your schedule. 
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Mother's Day Event
Wednesday, May 5, 2021 -Sunday, May 9,2021
This event is for mothers. During this event we will celebrate motherhood. We will cut away some old energies and help them step into new levels of their energies. Opening receiving energy, clearing traumas, and expanding life purpose are just a few of the things on the list. As always, we go by the group energy so things are constantly being added.
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Mothers In Heaven Event
Wednesday, May 12,2021 - Saturday, May 15,2021
During this event, we will working to dissolve traumas, guilt, regret and other negative energies between the participants and their deceased mothers/stepmothers. We will also send them love, joy and other energies.  This is the first event of its kind I am doing so it will be interesting to see where the energy goes. Please note that I have been seeing spirits since I was young and working with them for many years. 
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Mother Energy Clearing/Healing Event
Wednesday, May 19 2021 thru Sunday, May 23 2021
This event strives to change and shift negative or unresolved energies between the participants and their mothers. During this event, we will work on letting go of stress, trauma, misunderstandings along with known and unknown energies. The goal: to let go of negative energies and work towards resolution and forgiveness. As always, it will be a high energy event!
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