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Do you feel unprotected?

With all these wild and crazy energies on this planet, it is easy to feel raw, vulnerable and unprotected. Unfortunately, this state often allows fear to set in. Fear can be a tough energy for many, but for high energy people, it can be beyond paralyzing.

Many of us have been taught about protection. These can include procedures, rituals and things to do to help us create boundaries for unwanted, negative and even dark energies.

I, too, was taught the value of using protection. I did the techniques yet I didn't always feel protected. My energy was still being drained.

I found a modality that taught that the secret isn't protection - it's about getting those energies out of your field and all the programs that cause one to attract them.

So I expanded my energy and had pretty good results. It was all about being aware and willing to let go of things.

With all the recent events, I decided to ask for protection. I quickly found I didn't like my energy. My easy connections to my guides weren't there. I didn't feel good or energetic.

I quickly discovered the issue: the energy was "protecting" me from everything that I had fear of. This was fine with the "bad" things but what about the "good" ones that I didn't know I had?

I'm talking about fear of success, having lots of money and all those types of things we don't want to believe we have but we do. I made a quick choice to upgrade my protection.

Yes... I changed my definition of protection. We have every right to change the definition and meaning of words. I let go of any need to be protected from success, money, love and all other great things.

Are you being protected from all that you truly want to create in your life?

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