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From The Heart
Christmas Candle Event

Welcome to the Christmas Filmmaker's Candle Event! It will officially start on December 18,2021 (though there will be posts before).

A few notes for those who've never attended a candle event before:

1. I appreciate that many people don't have the time to watch the videos. Just set the intention to participate in the energy and you will be able to get a lot of the energy.

2. Though there is a theme, the energy also follows the group energies. We will be working on goals, expanding energies, money and whatever else comes up.

3. If you have any questions, please email me at

Let's Begin....

Time to get goals/intentions/targets done. Since we all have different energies due to experiences and desires, there may be different ways to do things. If you have a procedure that works for you, awesome! Use it. If you don't have one, here are some suggestions:

1. Write them down. This adds your personal energy to them.

2. Break them down to small,medium,large and beyond possible. Small goals are ones you can easily check off and see progress. Medium goals require a little more work. Large have moving parts and may have several sub-goals. Beyond possible are goals that exist just beyond what you think can be created. Example: If you think it's possible to receive $10k for your film, create a goal of "I receive $15k for my film by 2/22/2022.


The reason for the beyond possible: the human energies needs to keep busy. If you just have one goal, it may take a very long time to accomplish it so you won't be bored. So create them to expand your energy.


3. All goals are in present tense: I receive $25,000 for my film by 2/22/2022. I have my film completed by 11/01/2022. 


4.  Feel into the goals. As you create them, bring in all of your senses. Feel. Smell. Taste. Know. Touch it. Visualize it as already happening. If you can't do these things, release energy until you can.

5. I find it helpful to ask them as questions too. This opens the energy up on a deeper level. Examples: What would it take to receive $25,000 for my film by 2/22/2022? Ask in a state of wonder. Feel the wonder.

6. Meditate on them. Read them. Allow yourself to spend time in them.

Another type of goal

During 2021, I've become fond of Fun goals. These are goals that seem like fun. They aren't bound by time so they can create themselves when they feel like it.

Here's what I do:

1. I use an unlined color page journal. These are on Amazon for $6-10.

2. I use "I allow and choose" to preface all of them.

Example: I decided I wanted to invest in video games. There weren't any available. I then decided I wanted to invest in a video game fund. I wrote " I allow and choose to be an investor in a video game fund."

As I write, I feel the fun energy. Then I let it go. Once a month I go through the journal and highlight all the ones that have manifested.

These are helpful because the fun energy takes them out of the success/failure paradigm. These are generally wishes. Pure magic. I love these and have had a lot of them come true.

Use whatever works for you!

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