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Welcome To The CandleMagician!

Let's move some energy to create a better today and a magnificent tomorrow!

Welcome to The Candlemagician! I hope that the experience does a lot to move energy for you in many ways!

What I do is use candles (as well as nature, sounds, trees, animals, stones and other energies) to help move energy in new and different ways.

Why candles? Candles have been used for generations as a way to move energy and connect with the forces of the Universe in different ways. They make use of the element of fire to get lower or unwanted energies out of the Being.

One of the things I love about candles, music and other energies is that they bypass many of the human restrictions. Since there are no words attached, they don't engage the resistance mechanisms that often circumvent healing. I find that they reach into both known and unknown levels to work their magic.

I'd also like to clarify one thing. I do not use dark or negative energies in any of the work I do. I understand that some people do and that is a choice but it is not mine. So if you are looking to do that or harm someone, these events may not be for you.

If you have specific questions, please refer to the FAQS and Candle Event Self-Care pages.

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