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CandleMagician Events Self-Care

Getting the most out of every event requires a bit of self-care

Anyone who's ever taken a healing or energy class knows that self-care is important.


1. Keep hydrated. You may find you need more water during these events. That is a good thing. It means that energy is moving.

2. Notice cravings. Sometimes moving energy creates cravings. Notice them. It is ok to indulge them if they don't cause any issues. Example: If you crave chocolate, allow yourself to have chocolate. However, if you are diabetic, monitor your blood sugar. If they are unhealthy cravings (like glazed donuts when you are on a diet) talk to your body. Body, what are you trying to get here? Can you get it any other way? Then listen for answer. It could be a thought, feeling, picture..etc.

3. Spend time out in nature. This helps you move energy.

4. If you feel angry, shaky or anything negative, try releasing the energy. Sometimes energy doesn't move fast enough or we subconsciously hold onto it. Use any technique you want. I suggest you also open your sole chakras and blow energy out through your feet down into the Earth.

5. Since a lot of emotions are likely locked into your body, do things that make your body happy. This can include things like massage, sauna, body wraps...etc.

6. Start talking out loud to your body. A big part of all events is to let go of energy to re-establish a new relationship with your body and being. Talking out loud seems to help.

7. Ask for the releasing to be easier. We have a choice here. Ask for it to be easier and what you can do to make it easier.

Be good to you!

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