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Candle Event 

Body and Being

03-27-19 thru 03-31-19

Welcome to the Body and Being candle event! We will be moving lots of energy!. 

This page is where videos will be posted. If you have any questions, please let me know. 


Every day at 12:00 noon Pacific time, I will be sending out 30 minutes of healing energy. Then I will post about it. If you miss or want to re-experience it later, just watch the video and allow yourself to receive it.

being heals quickly.png
beings heal grat 1.png

These can be printed or activated electronically.  To activate, place your fingers of your dominate hand on the lower left shape. Go up the first column and then down the next. You will wind up on the top right. With an open palm, touch the grid and say " It is set. It is set. It is set." Do this 3 days in a row. 

This candle is A New Day Is Dawning. Put in all the stuff that you can't name or is bothering you. 

Please note that Wix is having problems. There is an action item at bottom of page. I can't seem to fix it so you will need to look down there. 

This is the first 30 minute healing session. We moved a LOT of energy because I couldn't get the website to update afterwards. 

The subject seemed to be blame. All the times you have blamed you, others have blamed you...etc. Throw all that in the candle and relax for 30 mins.

This is Healing session # 2. I did self-love with this one. Lots of tears. Be gentle with yourself after this one.

Healing Session # 3. Wow. I asked for poisons. I felt A LOT in my liver/gallbladder area plus a bit on left side. 

Internet down today. Lots of energy! It still flowed but videos are late. 

Healing Session # 4. I worked on getting everyone re-harmonized and getting the overwhelm out. 

Hello everyone! Boy, did we stir up a LOT of energy. For the past couple of days, I've been working on re-harmonizing and clearing everyone. Hope everyone is feeling good and empowered. See you next month! 
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