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Welcome! This is the website of The Candle Magician.

                     Welcome to the home of  energetic clearing events using candles,                           sacred geometry, stones, flowers, nature and other

                     elements. Powerful and healing!


                     During the monthly events, videos, pictures, sacred geometry grids                         and other pieces of the event are posted to this website to be                                 accessed whenever you are ready. For all you busy people, just                                 joining will allow you to tap into the energy. 

                     Event Schedule:


                                                                     Mother Energy Event

                                              Friday, May 14,2021 through Monday, May 17, 2021

                        The monthly candle event is about cleaning up mother energy. It                                         encompasses removing old traumas with our mothers, moving energy,                               forgiveness, cleaning up our own mother energy (this includes mothers of                     fur babies and businesses), and anything and everything that comes up.                             It's a bit odd because of the multiple energies but it all works. As always, i                        it is by donation only. 



The Candle Magician

I utilize the wonderful Light of candles that has been used throughout times, spaces and dimensions to burn off unwanted energies and bring in new, more generative energies. 

Each Candle Magician event is held at a high energy/sacred spot around the US (hoping to get to Ireland soon!) Each event has several parts: free, donation and paid. Something for everyone!

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