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                     Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to visit The Candle Magician.

                      This site and the services offered reflect my energy beliefs and                                values. I believe we are all energy and have gotten a bit separated                          from our true powerful natures. It is our job to shed all the things                            we were told we are that we're truly not, old traumas and                                        everything else that prevents us from having what we truly desire                            and being who we truly are. 


                     It doesn't have to be difficult nor take lifetimes to accomplish. Being                       willing to truly let go, rediscover, visit different energies and make                           different choices can go a long way towards these goals. How                                 fabulous can that be?


                      To assist in moving energy, I provide energy tools and sessions.                                What I love about tools like candles is that they burn away energies                        without judgments or expectations (2 things that can stop energy in                        its tracks). The exact nature varies from individual candles with                                individual prayers, to formations of 9 candles with both global and                          individual purposes to monthly events focusing on a specific

                      subject. A lot to choose from!


                      During the monthly events, videos, pictures, sacred geometry grids                        and other pieces of the event are posted to this website to be                                accessed whenever you are ready. For all you busy people, just                                joining will allow you to tap into the energy. 

                      For further information, please see the Services page. Here is the                            schedule of events:

                      October 4,2022 - October 9,2022

                    Unlocking Intuition, Knowingness and Wisdom

                     We all have intuitive gifts. But have you stepped into them? Intuitive                        skills are in a constant state of change and expansion. In this event,                          we will work to uncover, update and expand everyone's intuitive                              gifts. As usual, there will be several candles burning and                                          accompanying videos on this site. Everyone who purchases an                                  admission ticket or individual candle will receive instructions and                              password. Like with all events, there is also room for individual                                candles. An individual candle is personalized to the requestor's                                energy. It allows an enhanced experience of the event.


                      Will I be able to access the videos at any time?

                      Answer: Yes! They will be posted so you can access them when i                              a good time.

                      What happens to my individual candle?

                      Once a candle is ordered, I choose a color and infuse it with                                    intentions and oils. It then burns along with the other candles.

                      Once it burns out, I read it and send you your reading via text or                             email. It is in video form and conveys what you to tell you. Then I                            put a votive candle in the glass container and burn it again.

                      A second reading is then sent. That way, there's a nice blast of 

                      energy. The candle is then discarded.   


                      The first payment button is for general admission. $22


The CandleMagician



The Candle Magician

I utilize the wonderful Light of candles that has been used throughout times, spaces and dimensions to burn off unwanted energies and bring in new, more generative energies. 

Each Candle Magician event is held at a high energy/sacred spot around the US (hoping to get to Ireland soon!) Each event has several parts: free, donation and paid. Something for everyone!

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